New Harmony Projects to Watch

There are mant great projects within the Harmony ecosystem and most of them are just getting started in this young development space. Here is part of the list “ Harmony Projects”.

Artemis Protocol (MIS)

Presenting Artemis, a multi-product Decentralized Finance protocol built on the Harmony Blockchain that strives to incubate those said components that build up composability: the projects and ideas. By bootstrapping these projects in a permissionless and decentralized manner by providing liquidity and exposure as a service, Artemis aims to solve what might be called the “liquidity dilemma”, that is, creating forms of on-chain liquidity without sacrificing the network’s decentralization – while offering attractive yields for risk-keen users.

We intend to create a broader range of network effects, rather than limiting the protocol to a single solution, achieved by building an ecosystem of built-in products and partnerships with different protocols built on Harmony.

Contract Address (MIS): 0xD74433B187Cf0ba998Ad9Be3486B929c76815215

BossSwap (BOSS / MINI / HYDRA)

Boss Swap Finance is a unique DEX launching on the Harmony Protocol. We’ve taken some of our favorite features from other projects and added them together to make BOSS swap with some BOSS unique style. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Boss Swap is a community-driven project. From perhaps the fairest launch to being a Harmony launchpad, Boss Swap will be a one of a kind exchange on Harmony
  • BossSwap — A blend of ViperSwap, PantherSwap, Apeswap, DefiKingdoms with BOSS style
  • BOSS token ($BOSS) — a revenue generating token with built in burn and liquidity tax
  • Unique graphics with a clean UI with the BOSS emphasis on the exchange

Contract Address (BOSS): 0xE7bBE0E193FdFe95d2858F5C46d036065f8F735c

Contract Address (MINI): 0x7E503b282FcBe3f2edc03642DCCc425d238C334F

Contract Address (HYDRA): 0x9814c2392be5412c5DE090febEee26693e96c9fA

Cerebral Gaming DAO (CGD)

There are more gaming projects being built on the Harmony Blockchain each and every day. Every game dev is seeking a fast and cheap ecosystem to construct and develop their new projects, and a home to expand across the chains from. The goal of Cerebral Gaming DAO is to invest in as many of these startups as possible, providing support for these new gaming experiences, and increasing ROIs for our investors. CGD will be purchasing plots of land, character NFTs, tokens, creating LPs on dexes, and producing guilds for profit sharing.

CGD will take a decentralized approach to investing in gamfi projects, similar to a centralized mutual or index fund but with digital assets on the blockchain. Eventually, CGD plans to expand its portfolio to multiple blockchains, however, the DAO will always reside on the Harmony Blockchain. Some investments will be taken to ensure long term value through appreciating assets, some will provide the DAO with consistent returns, and others will be flipped for profit on resale sites like NFTKey. The main goal is to make profits for investors in Cerebral Gaming DAO through the management of NFT assets.

Contract Address (CGD): Not Available – Release TBD

Cosmic Universe (COSMIC / MAGIC)

Cosmic Universe is a fantasy multi-planetary adventure MMORPG being developed on the Harmony blockchain. It is play-to-earn and integrates exclusive character and land NFT collections, focusing heavily on buying and developing land, harvesting and mining resources, acquiring skills and magic, and forging alliances, all while developing increasingly advanced plots and settlements. Following the play-to-earn model, anyone can earn token rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

COSMIC and MAGIC, the Cosmic umbrella project’s utility and governance tokens, will be integrated into the game, as well as the native NFT marketplace that will be created for game assets like characters, land, items, and playable magic cards. Players will earn dividends thanks to land staking, which will accrue commensurate with their player level and the number of land plots owned.

Contract Address (COSMIC): 0x6008C8769BFACd92251bA838382e7e5637C7e74D

Contract Address (MAGIC): 0x892D81221484F690C0a97d3DD18B9144A3ECDFB7

Crypto Pigs (COINK / COINKX)

Cryptopigs is an NFT project that uses Harmony’s HRC721 standard and features 5.000 uniquely generated variations of the Piggybank Yield Farm mascot. Each Piggy NFT is minted with four to seven attributes, some being rarer than others. We made so many attributes, we could’ve generated over 20 million pigs – but we wanted to keep the supply low!

– A tamagotchi-like and PvP hybrid game – take care of your CryptoPig, compete against other CryptoPigs in Rock Paper Scissor variant gamplay. ETA Q4 2021

– Integration with Freyala plots – hold your CryptoPig on your Freyala plot and earn various benefits

– Recieved a grant from the official Harmony team

– Partnerships with lots of projects across the space, including ONEchain, Artemis, Reverse Protocol, Arbiter/Harmony Universe and more, focusing on NFT integration and gamification.

Contract Address (COINK): 0x4970417a897Cc7ae812b9b8Db34bb44833C26739

Contract Address (COINKX): 0x7ca9C1D0bb11F1b7C31ee5538D7a75aAF2d8E2FC

Crypto Royale (ROY)

Crypto Royale is a browser-based, free-to-play, play-to-earn crypto game in which players compete for fame, glory and a little profit. Last man standing wins crypto. No up-front investment. No downloads. No signups. Get into a game in 30 seconds and win! The game is purposefully designed to be simple to play yet difficult to master. Every day 1000+ players congregate on the battlefield as they fight to see who can survive and claim the game’s HRC-20 token – ROY.

Our long-term vision is to become the go-to play-to-earn platform, for both casual and competitive gamers. Casuals will be able to make their first foray into crypto within the familiar and fun context of gaming. We believe competitive gaming, PvP and crypto can combine to create a play-to-earn boom, not unlike the online poker boom of the last decade.

Contract Address (ROY): 0xfe1b516A7297eb03229A8B5AfAD80703911E81cB

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